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HAKORI:       Info. By Hasan Bilal

My beautiful village Chakori is located in Teh. Phalia, Distt. Mandi Bahaud Din. It is situated at the bank of river Chenab. It is about 47 Km away from Distt. Mandi Bahaud Din towards the north side. Main cities for shopping are Bhoa Hasan, Qadir Abad and Bherowal. Here are three shops and one medical store.
History of the Village:
It came into existence 90 year ago in 1920 before the existence of Pakistan. Muslims and Hindu lived here. Then in 1947 came into existence and my village became part of this Heaven. Old graveyard is beside our village. Our village has a big mosque from older times. A darbar of Baba Peer Wahid Shah is near village. Fare is helded every year on darbar.
In the west side village Noor Pur Katvi and Khum Kalan are situated. Kokaray and Bhuta Peeran are situated in the east of our village. Thati Mararran is situated in the south and in the north river Chenab is flowing.
Population of the Village:
At the beginning my village had about 800 houses, as the time passes river Chenab destroyed our village and this time it has only 100 houses.
Costs of the Village:
·       Mian
·       Gondal
·       Khichi
·       Bhatti
·       Mughal
·       Rajput
·       Rehmani
Source of Income:
Main source of income is agriculture but our village’s people are also working in abroad.
Social Personalities of the Village:
·       Saif Ullah Gondal
·       Muhammad Anayt Khichi
·       Dr. Muhammad Arshad
·       Muhammad Ijaz
·       Master Muhammad Hanif
·       Muhammad Arshad Hashmi
·       Muhammad Akbar Hashmi
·       Mian Muhammad Arshad
·       Mian Sher Muhammad
·       Mian Muhammad Siddique
·       Abdul Lahd Hashmi
·       Wali Muhammad
·       Mian Muhammad Majeed
·       Dr. Muhammad Riaz
·       Muhammad Hanif
·       Ghulam Shabir
·       Muhammad Anayt Mochi
·       Ahmad Mochi
·       Bahadar Mochi
·       Muhammad Sharif
People in Civil Services and Abroad:
·       Muhammad Afzal Zia (Saudi Arab)
·       Muhammad Irfan (Saudi Arab)
·       Muhammad Irfan (Kuwait)
·       Muhammad Nawaz (Kuwait)
·       Muhammad Asgher (Kuwait)
·       Muhammad Ramzan (Masqat)
·       Muhammad Afzal (Kuwait)
  Muhammad Ahmad (Trafic Police)
·       Muhammad Abbas (Trafic Police)
·       Muhammad Abbas (Pak Army)
·       Muhammad Imtiaz (Punjab Police)
·       Muhammad Sadiq (Telenor)
·       Muhammad Asif (London)
·       Muhammad Abid (London)
·       Muhammad Labeeb (Khabrain)
·       Muhammad Afif Taha (Writer)
·       Muhammad Ahmad (PunjabPolice)
·       Muhammad Nawaz (Patrolling Police)
·       Rana Nazaqat Hussain (Pak Army)
·       Master Muhammad Hanif (Teacher)
·       Master Muhammad Atique Shahid (Teacher)
High Qualified Personalities of the Village:
·       Muhammad Hanif
·       Muhammad Atique Shahid
·       Hasan Bilal
·       Muhammad Abid Hussain
·       Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq
·       Rizwan Afzal
·       Imtiaz Ahmed
·       Arslan Atique
·       Muhammad Ashraf
·       Zeeshan Atique
·       Imtiaz Ahmad
·       Nawan Ahmad
·       Naveed Ahmad
·       Cricket
·       Waliball
·       Playing Card.
Main Crops and Fruits:
·       Wheat
·       Rice
·       Tobacco
·       Sugarcane
·       Banana
·       Kino
River Chenab is providing entertainment facility to our peoples and also for others nearby our village.
Medical Stores and General Stores:
·       Hashmi Medical Store (Owner: Dr. Muhammad Arshad)
·       Waqas General Store (Owner: Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Ramzan)
·       Rana General Store (Owner: Muhammad Mazhar)
For more detail please contact: 0345_5767872, 0300_8162786
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