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Gujjan       Infor by : Mudassar Iqbal Traer                                                                                              
Gujjan is stituated  in Tehsil Phalia Union Counsil Ghanian. It is 7 km away (north_east)side from the phalia and almost 27 km from Mandi Bahauddin.

It is said that this was the name of a person who lived in this  area. Aftar the death of this person, it (Gujjan)was known by that person name (Gujjan)

The population of this village is round about 2200 Persons.

Nature of the people:                                  
Peoples of the village are very hospitable, friendly generous, loving and caring.

The area of my village is almost 32 Murabba only.

Source of income
Mostly people related to agriculture some are working in government sectors and a number of in abroad like Germany Spain France Italy Greece Dubai and king dome of Saudi Arabia.

Neighboring village:
§     Ghanian.
§     Suleiman.
§     Kot Nabi Shah.

Highly Qualified Persons:
1. Mukhtra Ahmed Deputy Director, President's Secretariat (Public) Aiwan-e-Sadr Islamabad.  
2. Mohsin Abbas, MBA, PGD (IT),Assistant Director, President's Secretariat (Public) Aiwan-e-Sadr Islamabad.
3. Mr Mudassar Iqbal Tarar (MA Political Science Punjab University Lahore and now is working in goodies international company as an Accountant Jeddah Kingdome of Saudi Arabia).
4.    Falak Shair Gondal (B A)
5.    Ghulam Abbas Gondal (B Com)
6.    Pervaiz iqbal Tarar (B Com)
Famous Persons of the Village:
1.    Pir Syed Qasir Abbas Shah
2.    Syed Muhammad Shah (Retired Pak Army)
3.    Ch.Ghulam Rasool Tarar Nambardar(Ex Chair man Union Consil)
4.    Ch.Ghulam Qadir Tarar(Ex Chair man Zakat Commity)
5.    Ch.Ghulam Abbas Tarar(Ex Consilar)
6.    Ch. Muhammad Alyas Tarar(Consilar)
7.    Ch. Ghulam Hussain Tarar Social worker.
8.    Ch. Pervez Iqbal Tarar.
9.    Ch. Muhammad Riaz Tarar
10.                       Mr. Allah Ditta Patwaari
11.                       Ch. Muhammad Akbar Tarar.
12.                       Malik Mushtaq Ahamad.

There is no Hospitals or Dispensary  in my village. Only one private clinic is working in my village.
Main Costs:
§    Tarar.
§    Gondal.
§    Syed.

Main Crops:
Land of this village is a fertile almost for all corps.
1.      Wheat (gandam)
2.      Rice (chawal)
3.      Corn (mukai)
4.      Potato (aalo)
5.      Barley (jao)
6.      Sugar Cane (kamad)
7.      Sweet Pea (mator)
8.      Chicken Pea (chana)
9.      All Vegetables etc.
10.  Tobbacco

Education sectors:
There is two Government Primary  School in my village
ØOne for Boys
ØOne for Girls.

plants of the village
1.      Acacia species (kikar)
2.      Dalbergia sisso (tahli)
3.      Rosa indica (gulab)
4.      Orange species (maltay aur methhay)
5.      Guava (amrood)
6.      Mangoes (aam)
7.      Gomi (dhraik)
8.      Bamboo (Baance)

Flora and Fauna
1.      Buffalos (bhainsein)
2.      Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
3.      Sheeps (bhairain)
4.      Goats (bakrian)
5.      Horses (ghoray)
6.      Donkeys (gadhay)
7.      Dogs (kutay)
8.      Cats (Bilian)
9.      Hens (murgean)
10.    Rabbits (khargosh)
11.    Pigeons (kabutar)
12.    Fishes (in forms)
13.    Ducks (batkhain)

There are three Mosques in my village.

1.     Fazal Daad ka dara.              
2.    Ch Ghulam Rasool Nambardar ka dara.

Cricket, VollyBall,Football
Infor by:Mudassar Iqbal Tarar
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