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Neighbouring villages
It is about 40-50 miles east of MBDin. On the border of MBDin and Gujrat. Our main adda is Pully Rensekee, to the west side of our village is Rensekay, to the east if Dudrah, to the south is Narang and to the North is Kung Chanun. Surrounded by two cannels.
Social Personalities of the Village
§  Chaudrey Alyas Warrach
§  Mohammad Nazir Warrach
§  Mohammad Anait Warrach
§  Mia Papu
§  Master Sultan
Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village
§  Chaudrey Alyas Warrach
§  Summer Lal, Electrical Engineering
§  Waqas Nazir studying in Biology.
§  Sibqutulla in process of getting degree
§  Tusawer Hussain
Culture  of the Village
Culture is same as every other village in Pakistan, very peaceful and quiet, no crimes at all, best place to grow up.
Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas in the village
There is one boys Elementary school  and one girls Elementary school.
Hospitals , medical stores and shops in the village         
There are few Medical stores around the village mostly Pharmacies, and there is bazaar in the middle of village, you can find all kind of stuff there.   
Main crops and fruits in the village  
§   Wheat
§  Sugar Cane
§  Rice
§  All kind vegetables
§  Bajra
§  Provider of Milk to big cities
§  Tobacco
Media and Communication
Home Phones, PCO, Mobil phones, Internet, Radio, of course TV and Cable TV
Main Hotels and Resturants
Ask anybody to stay over a night, more than willing to have you as a guest
Historical importance
Founded long long time ago, by four brothers, and 98% of village people are from their generations and will be, they still celebrate there days and have big Khutam for them, all of the town people get together eat , play Kabady, wrestle, and have fun.
Mazars or other historical buildings in Village
There are Two Mazaars “Mia Mureed, and Mia Haje Sahab
There are two Masjids one huge Jamya
Welfare Organizations in the village
Pakistan  government Welfare system
Free time & Hobby  
There are three parks around the village, one near to Mia Mureed, second near to Elementary school and third near to Chukkey field.
Games of the village are Volley ball , Cricket, Guli Danda, Kabady, Hide and Seek, Wrestling and Marbles
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