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Khumb Kurd
Khumb Kurd is situated about 3 kilometer from nearby big town Mianwal and 33 kilometers in the South of city Mandi-bahauddin. The population of the village is about 3500 people. The founder of this village was Khumb Ranjah.The old name of this village was Garaz pur.There are 2 govt primary schools ,one for boys and one for girls. There is one private school, New Ghazali Model School.There is one Post office in the village. There is one Madrasa (Jameha) Abu Hurera for girls. The people of the village are very nice and peaceful. Main source of income is Agriculture.
Main Crops
§  Cotton
§  Wheat
§  Rice
§  Sugar Cane
Nearest Villages
§  Mianwal Ranjah (in west)
§  Khairewal (in South)
§  Kadhar (in North)
§  Kaka and Takat Mahal (in East)
Main castes
§  Ranjah
§  Wraich
§  Sunderane
§  Gondal
Social Personalities of the Village:
§  Muhammad Nazir s/o Murad Ranjah
§  Hakeem Moulvi Amir (social worker)
§  Muhammad Mansha s/o Lal Khan Doleka
§  Gul Sher s/o Patani Khan Ranjah
§  Muhammad Anar s/o Roshin Muhammad Ranjah
§  Muhammad s/o Ziaada Ranjah
§  Feroz s/o Sher Laneka
§  Doost Muhammed s/o Sei Muhammad Ranjah
§  Late Baqir khan, Haider Khan and Patani Khan
Sport and free time activities:
§  Cricket
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