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Info. provided by Amir irfan joya (Ghanian)
Village Kotla shah Hussain,shistorical and latest information
§  Kotla shah Hussainis a village in Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan .
§  It is located at 32°25'0N 73°39'12E
§  eight kilometers from Phalia in the direction of Ranmal Sharif
§  It is a veary smaal village papulation arounds only 500.
§  it is basically a village of Muhammad Lashkar qureeshi witch belong toQureesh family.
Means Of Earning:
Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services.Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found inFrance,Spain, Greece, Itlay, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.
Bazars And Markeets:
No Bazars or Markets are present in the village only few General stores (Karyana shops) are present which provide commodities of daily use. Peoples have to go Phalia or Mandibha ud din City for major shopping.
Village is located almost 8 KM towards west from Phalia City.Peoples use Tanga’s & Rikshas to reach the phalia. Motor Cycles and Cycles are very common in the village which are used to go towards their lands or near by areas
Social Personalities of the Village:
§  Muhammad Razaq qureeshi
§  Muhammad lashkar qureeshi
§  Sardar khan qureeshi
§  Gulzar ahamed qureeshi
§  Muhammad shabeer qureshi
§  Muhammad maqsood qureshi
§  Sdaqat hussain qureeshi
§  Sheer Muhammad qureeshi
§  Nazar Muhammad qureeshi
§  Mamtaz hussain qureeshi
§  Basher Muhammad qureeshi
§  Sardar khan faqeer
§  Muhammad Araf faqeer
§  Sarver faqeer
§  Syed majahid hussain sherazi
§  Syed zulqer nen hader
§  Syed riyad hussain shah
§  Syed husnain shah
§  Iftkhar hussain shah s/o noor shah electronics engineer
§  Syed ijaz hussain shah
§  Syed Nuqi hussain shah
§  Syed Muntazir Hussain shah
Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village
Syed Nuqi hussain shah
Syed Muntazir hussain shah
Syed mjahid hussain shah
Zulkar nen heder shah advocate
Syed altaf hussain sherazi
Syed sajid hussain sherazi pak army
Schools and Colleges in the village
There is no any school student go kotla munawar shah and ghanian for study
Main Crops                                         
§  Wheat
§  Cotton
§  Rice
§  Sugar Cane
§  Tobbacco
Nearest Villages                         
kotla munawar shah
Main Castes  
§  Qureesh
§  syed
§  Kabaddi
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