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Mureed         Info by. Ali Ahmed

Village Mureeed is in Tehsil Phalia .Distt Mandi Bahauddin .It is situated 13 km south of city Phalia. And 34 km in south of Mandi Bhauddin, city Qadir Abad is 17 km  from mureed in west.
Village Mureed is at the Bank of River.
Village Mureed was in Distt Hafiz abad before flood came .its was near Manga chawki before,Then people migrated here due to flood reasons.
Founder of  the village was Mureed and He belongs to Tarar familly.
Gajjan.....sulaima.....Kot Hamid shah......Thatti Mureed....Phalia......jaisak....are from the sons of Mureed.
Later on Village became very famous due  to Chaudery Sardar Khan s/o Wazeer khan and Chaudeery Sardar Khan  s/o Rahmat Khan .
Population of the village is round about 1700 persons
Village Mureed is dived in to two parts.
One is eastern and other is western
Nature of the people
People of the village are very hospitable,friendly, hard working,and moderate.
86 muraba...alongwith Jungle.
Source of income
Source of income of village comes agricultur sector.govt services,and most of the people are living abroad ( spain.america,england,middle east etc)
Neighbouring villages
Bahoo,Manga                                      -------> east
Burj,Thatti Mureed                            -------> north
Randiali                                            ---------> west
Channab River,channi,sulaim da kot  -------> south
Social personalities of the village
Ch.Auranzeb s/o Sardar Khan Tarar
Ch. Shan Ali Tarar s/o Ch. Mutalli Khan Tarar
Ch. Muhammad Bashir Tarar s/o Mutalli Khan
Ch.Muhammad Roshan s/o Nawab Khan. Tarar
Ch.Ghulam raza s/o khizar Hayyat....Tarar
Ali Ahmed s/o Muhamamd Ali    Tarar
Muhammad Arshad s/o Sanaullah Numbardar..Tarar
Bashir Ahmed s/o Nawab khan ...Tarar       
Highly qualified persons
Ch.Ahmed Yar Tarar..Army
Ch. Muhammad Aslam Tarar s/o Ch. Mutalli Khan.       MA/ National Bank Manager
Ch. Shahzad Munir Tarar  s/o Munir Ahmed Tarar  MSC ( America ).
Ghulam Qamar s/o Rang Hussain Gondal ..BA
Ghulam Qamar s/o Khizar hayyar Tarar..FA..Ptcl
Muzammal Hussain s/o Khizar Hayyat Tarar.
Azmat Gulzar s/o Gulzar hussain Gondal..MSC England
Rafaqat Hussain s/o Mukhtar Ahmed Tarar..FA
Muhammad Azam s/o Ali Bahadar Tarar ..Oversear
Khizar Hayyat s/o Ghulam Haidar  Tarar.Fsc
There is no govt hospital in the village ...
Main casts
Gondal.....1 %
Main crops
Wheat, rice, suger cane,vegetables.
Education sector
There  is just one Govt primary school for girls and boys.
Noshahi Public School .
Masjis Gulzar e Madina
Jamia Masjid
Peer Baal Jatti sahib
Tv, Mobile .Ptcl,Internet,
Canal R-15 passes by the village .which comes from Chooknawali  and ends at Thatta khan Muhammad.
volly ball
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