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      Info by, Haji Muhammad Inayat                                                                                   


Narang                  Info. by Haji Muhammad Inayat

This village is at Ranmal,Asadullah pur.Its 26 Km from Gujrat in west and 40 km from Mandi Bahauddin in south east.Phalia is just 20 km in the west of the village.
History of the village as heard by the people is that A man Named as Narang was as sikh .Narang singh.Those were three brothers ,long,Narang and Thakkar. They came from the Hafiz Abad distt after flood reasons .Long started living in long And Narang came to this village which was named later his name.
Founder of the village was known as Narang ,He was dhotarr.
Population of the village is round about 4000  persons
Nature of the people
People of the village are very hospitable,friendly, hard working,and moderate.
80 Muraba
·                     Jatari ke
·                     shadi ke
·                     Daim ke
·                     Ibrahim ke
Source of income
Source of income of village comes agricultur sector.govt services,and most of the people are living abroad ( spain.america,england,middle east etc)
Neighbouring villages
Ratti Pindi        ------->east
Pindi dhotrran  -------> west
Khoosar          ---------> south west
Chahrrke            -------> south east
Social personalities of the village
§  Haji Muhammad Inayat s/o nazar Muhammad Dhotarr
§  Manzoor Ahmed s/o Ata Muhammad Dhotarr
§  Muhammad Nawaz Numberadar
§  Muhammad Azam s/o Ghulam Rasul Dhotarr
§  Muhammad Riaz s/o Bashir Ahmed Dhotarr
§  Muhammad Riaz s/o Muhammad Hussain Dhotarr
§  Ghulam Sarwar s/o Mirza Dhotarr
§  Muhammad Riaz s/o Muhammad Khan Dhotarr
§  Muhammad Shareef s/o Khushi dhotarr·
§  Muhammad Ahsan Ex. Nazim Union Council Narang
Highly qualified persons
·                     Shahid Muzaffar s/o Muzafar Ahmed Advocat
·                     Naveed Ahmed s/o Riasat Ali advocate
·                     Master Ihsanullah
·                     Master Muhammad Riaz s/o Akbar Ali
·                     Master Ijaz Ahmed
·                     Master Riaz s/o Fazal Ahmed
There is no govt hospital in the village ...
Main casts
·                     Dhotarr 98 %
·                     Tarar 1 %
·                     Warraich 1 %
Main crops
Wheat, rice, suger cane,vegetables.Bajara,jawar,etc
Education sector
Govt middle school for girls
Govt High School for Boys
Jinah Public school for girls
·                     Jatari ki masjid
·                     shadi ki masjid
·                     Ibrahim ki masjid
·                     Jatari ka dara
·                     Shadi ka dara
·                     Ibrahim ka dara
Ch.Kazim ka bhatta(Bricks company)
Ch.Haji Muhamamd Ansar ka Bhatta (Bricks Company)
Union Council
Narang is Union Council of the area.
Tv, Mobile .Ptcl,Internet,
Jokalian to Mungowal via Narang.
Nosho Saib.
·                     volly ball
·                     cricket
·                     kabbadi
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