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Phalia________________ _____________

Phalia is a city situated in Mandi Bahauddin District, Punjab, Pakistan. The population of Phalia was calculated to be 35,914 in 2007 (26,025 in 1998).

Alexander the Great and his army crossed the Jhelum in 326 BC at the Battle of the Hydaspes River where he defeated the Indian king, Porus. According to Arrian ("Anabasis", 29), he built a city "on the spot whence he started to cross the river Hydaspes", which he named "Bukephala" (or "Bucephala") to honour his famous horse Bukephalus or Bucephalus which was buried in Jalalpur Sharif. It is thought that ancient Bukephala was near the site of modern Jhelum City. According to a historian of Gujrat district, Mansoor Behzad Butt, Bukephalus was buried in Jalalpur Sharif, but the people of Mandi Bahauddin, a district close to Jehlum, believed that their tehsil Phalia was named after Bucephalus, Alexander's dead horse. They say that the name Phalia was the distortion of the word Bucephala.

GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE_______________________________________

It is located between between the main cities of Mandi Bahauddin and Gujrat, about 20 kilometres from Mandi Bahauddin and 45 kilometres from Gujrat, at an altitude of 672 feet (204 metres) above sea level.

Phalia has a moderate climate, which is hot in summer and cold in winter. During peak summer, the day temperature rises to 45°C. The winter months are mild and the minimum temperature may fall below 2°C. The average annual rainfall in the district is 50mm.

Major Castes:

Major casts of the village are
01. Tarar
02. Warraich
03.Jutt Bhutta
04. Khokhar
05. Chohan
06. Malak
07. Bhatti
08. Arain
09. Gondal
10. But
11. Quresi
12. Barber
13. Mirzay


Nearby towns are:
Chak Jano Kalan*
Chak mano Kalan*
Lukk *
Rag Raikay*
Kot Reham Shah*
Kutheyala Shekhan*
Kaddhar Shareef*
Mianwal Ranjha*
Burj Agra*
Dhol Ranjha*
Kot Multanian wala*
Saida Sharif*
Ragh Raike*
Kot Sattar Gharbi*
Ranmal Sharif*
Dholla Kalan*


Govt Pilot Secondary School
Phalia is a very famous School in Phalia. The others are Islamia High School and the City Cadet School.Ghazali school,Govt Degree College for Boys and another Govt College for women. The Educators are also famous schools of phalia.And also have other very good schools.There is a big tendency to move abroad for earning.
In this tehsil - Pahrianwali is a prominent town with excellent educational and health facilities private institutes and girls degree college along with boys high school and also a rural health centre and a veternary hospital. Beside this there is a girls degree college with the possibility of getting a graduate degree.
Malakwal and Mandi Bahauddin are the main rail stations. The Saalam Interchange of the motorway is 50 kilometres from Phalia.and mostly peopels use Buses , Vegons, and Coasters, Moter cycles, for travling.
and many of them use there own car.

UNION COUNCIL,S OF TEHSIL PHALIA.__________________________

Tehsil Phalia Total 21 Union Councils .

UC.28. PHALIA ,,, UC.30. DHAUL ,,, UC.31. RAIKAY ,,, UC.32. DHAREKAN KALAN,,, UC.33. GHANIAN ,,, UC.34. DOGUL ,,, UC.35. PAHREANWALI ,,, UC.36. NARANG ,,, UC.37. HASLANWAL ,,, UC.38. CHAK JANO KALAN ,,, UC.39. JOKALIAN ,,, UC.40. PINDI KALU ,,, UC.41. QADIR ABAD ,,, UC.42. SAIDA ,,, UC.43. BHEKHO ,,, UC.44. BHOA HASSAN ,,, UC.45. DHUNNI KALAN ,,, UC.46. BHEROWAL ,,, UC.47. KOT HAST KHAN ,,, UC.48. RERKA BALA...

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