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Randiyali                               Info. by Ahmad Khan
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Village Randiyali is at the bank of Channab River. It is situated at Sarang -Qadirabad road in tehsil Phalia distt M.B.Din. Its 25 km in south-east from city Mandi Bahauddin and 9 km from Qadirabad in East and from Phalia its distance is just 12 km in eastern side. Head Qadirabad is just 4 Km in eastern side
Fore fathers were lived in Burg Tibbas ,then battle of Sikhs took place. A lot of people were killed and just women alived. That Woman whose husband die is called as randi .Those women took their childern and came this village. Later on it was named as randyiali due to these weadows ( randies).
Population of the village is round about 2000 persons
Nature of the people
People of the village are very hospitable, friendly, hard working and moderate.
97 muraba
There is 1 ward of the village and Union council of the village is Ghanian.
Source of income
Source of income of village comes from agricultur sector, govt services and most of the people are living abroad ( Spain, America, England and Middle east etc)
Neighbouring villages
Bahri -------> west
Chak Kamal -----> north
Channab river -------> south
Social personalities of the village
Ch.Noor Muhammad s/o Sai Muhammad Tarar
Ghulam Abbas s/o Sher Muhammad Tarar
Haji Muhammad Akram s/o Ghulam Qadir Tarar
Nazar Muhammad s/o Ahmed deen
Ghulam Nabi s/o Ghulam Ahmed (ex chairman)
Ghulam Sarwar s/o Ghulam Ahmed numberdar
Ghulam Rasool s/o Rahmat khan Warraich
Muhammad Asharaf s/o Ahmed Khan Warraich
Muhammad Arif s/o Fateh Muhammad Dharar
Ghulam Nabi s/o Sultan Ahmed Dharar
Highly qualified persons
Master Muhammad Asharaf s/o Fateh Muhammad
Mazhar Qayyum s/o Ghulam Rasool Ranjha
Khizar Muhammad s/o Salehoon Muhammad Tarar
Fiaz Ahmed s/o Ghulam Nabi advocate
Muhamamd Arshad s/o Khan muhammad Dharar
Iftikhar Ahmed s/o Yar Muhammad Tarar
Muhammad Afzal s/o Ghulam Rasool Tarar
Aurang zaib s/o Sai Muhammad Tarar
Muhammad Mansha s/o Muhammad Sadeeq
Sadeeq Ahmed Tarar
There is no govt hospital in the village ...
Main casts
§  Tarar 70 %
§  Dharar 10 %
§  Warraich 10%
§  Ranjha 5 %
§  Mahar 5 %
Main crops
Wheat, rice, suger cane,vegetables.
Education sector
There is just one Govt primary school for girls and boys
One private school is being run by Haji Akram sahib.
1.    Mian Muhamamd Jameel
2.    Bhooray wala baba
Tv, Mobile .There is No PTCL in the village
§  Jamia masjid ghausia
§  Jamia masjid Haidar qarar
Canal R-15 passes by the village .which comes from Chooknawali and ends at Thatta Khan Muhammad.
Fish form
40 acrs
A rice shelor is being run by Muhamamd shahbaz s/o sher muhamamd Tarar
Volly ball
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