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Rerka Bala                      Info. by Mazhar Iqbal Theakedar

Rerka Bala is the big village of M.B.Din. The peope of Rerka Bala are very famous according to religious point of view. Here old choudharahet system have approximately finish due to establishment of Tabassum Welfare Society.Tabassum Welfare Society is an NGO of students.        

TABASSUM WELFARE SOCIETY now a days working as under mention objectives.

1;Every year Award shield have been given to topper students of matric in Union council Rerka Bala.
2;Every year Eid package has given to poor and needy people.
3;Tabassum Citezen Comunity Board was established for development projects of Rerka Bala.
4;For extra curricular activeties Administration of Tabassum Society held Sport mala.
5.In mamdana HIGH SCHOOL and RERKA BALA  High School Society held the quiz programm.

1. Munawar Iqbal Tabassum President of Tabassum Welfare  Society
2. Hafiz Ikram Ullah Social worker and schollar
3. Bati Khan Numberdar Political worker.
4. Fateh Muhammad Gondal

Facilities available here are
1. High School for boys .
2. High school for Girls
3. National Bank
4. Basic Health unit
5. ptcl exchang
Branches of Tabassum Welfare Society in Her Do Rerka Bala

1;Mamdana Branch
2;Rerka Zerain Branch
3;Parhana Lok Branch
4;Pull Kaesan Branch
5;Pull Pipli Branch

Moque in Rerka Bala
1;Masjid Sidque-e-Akbe
2;Masjid Farooq-e-Azam
3;Masjid Usmani
4;Masjid Haider Krar
5;Masjid Bilal
6;Masjid Amir Moavia
7;Masjid Abassi
8;Masjid Azam Tariq
9;Masjid Abu Huraera
10;Masjid Jhangvi Shaheed

Mudaris in Rerka Bala

1;Jamia Abbasia
2;Jamia Usmania
3;Jamia Farooq-e-Azam

Privat Shool In Her Do Rerka Bala

1;Green Way Model School
2;Al-Noor Model School
3;MIT Higher Secondary School

Administration of Tabassum Welfare Society Her Do Rerka Bala

President ;                            Munawar Iqbal Tabassum  MBA,M.Com
Vice President;                     Tariq Mehmood
General Secretary;                Yasir Majeed
Finance Secretary;                 Hafiz Atta-Ullah
Joint Secretary;                    Khurram Shehzad
Media Co-ordinator;              Ikram Ullah Hashmi
Co-ordinator Mamdana          H.Muti-Ur-Rehman
Co-ordinator Rerka Zarain;     M.Nawaz Bhatti
Co-ordinator Parhana;           M.Mansha Farooqi
Co-ordinator Pulpili              Mian Mazhar Iqbal

Wel educated personalities in Rerka Bala
1. Arshad Mehmood Shahid  ;     M.Sc Chemistry M.Phill
2. Dr Muhammad Bashir ;        PHD in Philosphy
3. Munawar Iqbal Tabassum  ;   MBA,M.Com
4. Haji M.Riaz                 ;       M.Sc Chy

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