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                       Info. by Muhammad Arif

Suleman is a village in Tehsil Phalia. It is 28 KM from Mandi-bahuddin towards East and 8 KM from Phalia towards South East. It is a big Town in its nears. The Population is nearly 4000.

The Literacy rate of the village is average. It has a Govt. Elementry School for Boys Suleman, Middle School for Girls. There is also working a private Schools for the betterment of the Society in my Village. Suleman is Cultivated Area.The most Poplution of village is Agriculturist. Some are working in the Government Services, and a number of People are working abroad.

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village
1. Muhammad Arif Tarar (Msc (Physics) Qaid-i-Azam University Islamabad)
2. Muddasar Hassan Tarar (Mcs Computer Sciences Baharia University Islamabad)
3. Shabaz Hussain Tarar  (Civil Judge Faislabad )
4. Pervaiz Hussain Tarar ( Advocate MB Din)
5. Safdar Hussain Tarar ( Advocate Phalia)
6. M. Rizwan Khalid ( M.Sc. Physics) University of Gujrat
7.MR ,Akhtar Iqbal sial..MBA( Marketing & Management) and  working in Saudi Arabia .
Main Crops
1. Wheat
2. Rice
3. Sugar Cane
Nearest Villages
§  Gajjan in North
§  Chak Kamal in South
§  Ghanian in North-East
§  Kot Nabi Shah in North-West
§  Kot Hamad Shah in West
Main Castes
§  Tarar (60%)
§  Syed (15%)
§  Sahi (3%)
§  Warraich (3%)
§  Others (5%)
§  Rajoot (7%)
Social Personalities of the Village
§  Ch. Shan Ali Tarar (Late) Ex. Advocate Phalia
§  Ch. Nawab Khan  Tarar , Ex MPA
§  Ch Fatah Muhammad Tarar (Ex. Chairman Union Councl)
§  Ch. Safdar Tarar (Advocate Phalia)
§  Ch. Pervaiz Tarar (Advocate MB DIN)
§  Ch. Muhammad Arif Tarar ( General Manager  Islamabad)
§  Ch Shabaz Tarar ( Civil Judge Fasil Abad Gojra)
Sports in the village
Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Kabadi, Gulidanda
Mosques in the Village
There are 3 mosques in the village.
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